I consider our last meal at Petrossian one of miscommunication between us and the Chef. We were told that Chef Wellman especially wanted us to have the chicken dish and the duck dish. We ordered the egg royale with the intention of adding a number of small intermediate courses until the chicken and duck was served. After the egg dish we had a special melon salad and then immediately following that our two main entrees. Our plans to have a long leisurely meal of numerous small dishes obviously didn’t happen. Next time, I think we will compose our own menu, asking Chef Wellman what special dishes she suggests we add.

The room as pretty and serene as always

BYO First Champagne

Egg Royale – A hallowed out eggshell filled with soft Scrambled Egg and topped with Vodka Creme Fraiche and Caviar – excellent and a great beginning

Melon Spring Salad – Grapefruit, Mache, Proscuitto, Pinenuts, Homemade Ricotta dressed with 2 different types off Noble Vinegar – this was lovely and fresh tasting with a great nod to seasonality

The Noble Vinegar is distributed by Mikuni Wild Harvest. From their site:

(On the right) “Noble Tonic 04 French Orleans White Wine Vinegar infused with Egyptian Heirloom Organic Lemon peel. Noble Tonic 04 maintains a 6% acidity and is characterized by its smooth, bright, sweet, citrus tones. Noble uses a 5-year oak barrel aged Orleans White Wine Vinegar as the canvas for this delicate and versatile product. The Pharaoh’s (Egyptian) Heirloom Lemon is similar to a Meyer Lemon in sugar content, but has much more nuance and character. It’s sweet and intensely spicy with hints of orange peel and cedar.”

(On the left) “Noble Tonic 05: XO, a refined finishing vinegar, Noble Tonic 05 is the result of an extended aging process of Noble Tonic 03. The extended maturing period for this vinegar results in an all-natural reduction of water, allowing the rich and bold flavors of Sherry, Bourbon, Maple, Oak, Vanilla and Caramel to become deep and concentrated.”

BYO Champagne #2

I just wasn’t expecting to go right to our main courses at this point. It was just too abrupt a transition to the main part of the meal.

Jidori chicken, housemade butternut squash ravioli, arugula salad, black truffle sauce – the crunchy skin on the chicken was perfect

Duck, Honey Orange Glace, Parsnip puree, orange segments and spice crumble – well-executed

Almond Creme Brulee with Almond cookies or also known as Russian Tea cookies – my husband gobbled down the creme brulee

4 Responses to “Petrossian”

  1. 1 joel baumwoll March 15, 2011 at 5:36 pm


    I ordered bottles of the Noble vinegars you posted about from Mikuni. The descriptions were very appealing. How would you use them?


  2. 2 joel baumwoll March 16, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Did the salad have any other dressing besides the two vinegars?


  3. 3 lizziee March 16, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Joel, I am not sure – there might have been some olive oil, but she emphasized the vinegars.

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