Happy New Year to everyone.

New Years at Urasawa is a very special experience. I decided to not take notes or photos (forgot my camera) so this is just a short, quick post with the bottom line being that the food, the wine plus our neighboring diners can only be described as perfect.

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Brandon, whom I have never met before, happened to be at Urasawa New Year’s Eve and by coincidence happens to read this blog. He took the above photo (he didn’t forget his camera)!  This was our list of wines for the evening. We didn’t drink the 1996 – it was back-up in case the 1947 was corked or ….  The 1947 was spectacular, no browning around the edges, very deep color, solid Burgundy flavors of raspberries, cherries – smooth deep finish. Blind we would never have known it was over 60 years old. (Detailed notes on the wine from John). We gladly shared the 1947 with Brandon and Hiro.

Some highlights – Hairy Crab served first as a “salad” and later served cooking in the shell on a brazier, Ikura with Shark Fin, Seared Japanese beef, Wondrous Spanish Mackerel, Toro tartar with caviar, Shrimp, Uni with Matsutake Mushrooms, Shabu Shabu and sushi and sushi and sushi with pristine fish.

This is a pitiful write-up for a splendid meal. Brandon did take photos of this special New Year’s Eve meal and he promised to send them on to me. Hopefully, I will be be able to post his photos here.

Many, many thanks to Brandon. All of the photos are his – not only he is a good photographer, but also a wonderful dining companion. What a serendipitous first meeting!





The perfect New Year’s Eve finally captured in photos thanks to Brandon.


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  1. 1 S Lloyd January 5, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Happy new year to you too!
    Celebrating NYE at Urasawa is an amazing event. Hope it was memorable (just the idea of enjoying those two corton wines is already a great moment).

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