Farm Shop – Brentwood

We have sampled brunch at Farm Shop, then breakfast so it seemed fitting that we try lunch.

This was early during the lunch service, but the room was beginning to fill up with a good vibe.

Open Kitchen

The back mural emphasizing the importance of  “farm” ingredients.

Chef Jeffrey Cerciello

The menu – this isn’t cheap, but portion size is more than generous and we noticed a number of tables sharing dishes. Also ingredient quality is extraordinary so you actually get what you are paying for.

Crispy artichokes, burrata cheese, winter squash and pepitas  – This dish was excellent.  What makes Jeffrey Cerciello’s food distinctive is that each component on the plate is very carefully defined to maximize the perfect flavor profile.  I would never imagine ordering squash this way, but with the burata, crispy artichokes, pepitas and even the greens,  the whole was greater than the parts.

Steak Sandwich and Fries – prime rib, fresh horseradish cream, arugula and wild mushrooms – The meat was perfect -as good as any major steak house could offer…perfectly rare prime rib that melted like butter in your mouth. The addition of fresh horseradish cream plus the wild mushrooms and excellent bread made this a real treat and not your ordinary steak sandwich. The fries were equally  outstanding and the home made catsup was fabulous. (For the record we noticed a number of tables ordering the fries as a side.)

The only complaint about the steak sandwich was that it was difficult to cut with a regular knife.  Michel Darmon, the GM, assured us that steak knives will be available tomorrow.

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartine, toasted rye bread, caper berries, pickled vegetables and butter lettuce – again the ingredient quality of the salmon was superb – don’t think supermarket overly salted lox or salmon that has seen better days. The salmon was as good as any you would find in a fine dining restaurant. Casual atmosphere does not equal a casual approach to execution or sourcing of ingredients.

Bread pudding, candied hazelnuts, pear and vanilla anglaise– delicious and a perfect seasonal dish.
The Farm Shop is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and we can’t wait to go for dinner.

1 Response to “Farm Shop – Brentwood”

  1. 1 petitegourmand March 4, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    yum wish we had had a full meal there.
    Only had coffee and pastries.
    next time for sure.

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