Farm Shop – Brentwood

My husband waited 2 days before returning to Farm Shop for breakfast. This is from their regular breakfast menu and not the weekend brunch menu.

French Toast, Pear marmalade, raisins and Hobb’s bacon – My husband never orders French Toast but a friend who had had the Farm Shop French Toast insisted.   He was reluctant, but as she has a good palate, he went with her suggestion.  He was totally impressed. The bread was Challah and it was treated perfectly. In addition, the raisins, the pear marmalade, the pitcher of very high quality maple syrup were unexpected flavors, but the over-all effect was a wonderful blending of textures and a perfect “marriage” of flavors.

Hobb’s Bacon side – my husband loved the Hobb’s bacon and would love an on-line source to buy some. He is hoping that the Farm Shops retail store, when it opens, will sell it.

Close-up of the French Toast

The most striking thing about Farm Shop from his 2 meals there is the extremely high quality of ingredients. The resources of the chef are surprising and special. Plus the execution far surpasses an “ordinary” breakfast – obviously a well-trained chef is running the kitchen.


3 Responses to “Farm Shop – Brentwood”

  1. 2 lizziee December 16, 2010 at 7:54 am

    Thanks Joel.

  2. 3 Anthony February 7, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Wow, the French toast with pear marmalade look delicious. I havent tried their regular breakfast menu yet, but after these photos I will!

    I been stopping by Farm Shop in the mornings for their chocolate croissants, which are really good.

    Hobbs Bacon, I may also be able to find you a local source for it.

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