Bouchon – Beverly Hills

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel our trip to San Francisco and Yountville – so a meal at Benu, Corey Lee’s new restaurant and 2 meals at French Laundry went up in smoke. What to do? Lunch at Bouchon, Beverly Hills seemed to be just the right tonic. Normally, we eat at Bar Bouchon, but decided that this lunch deserved the main dining room.

White Wine from their list

Oysters – Kumamoto, Luna from Carlsbad, Pipers Point and Shiny Sea from Prince Edward Island – there is never a hint of grit – the shucker does a marvelous job and you can actually slurp each oyster.

Pate de Campagne, cornichons, pickled radish, mustard, country grilled bread – Bouchon does one of the best pates in the city – terrific

Risotto with White Alba Truffles shaved tableside – this is a photo of 1/4 of the portion served with just a couple of truffles photographed – we were so eager to eat this that the photographer ate first before snapping the picture. There was a very generous shaving of truffles and unlike so many other places serving truffles, these were aromatic and top-notch quality. The risotto was executed perfectly.

BYO Red Wine

Chicken with black truffles on a bed of ????? You could add truffles to any dish for a supplement so chicken with truffles seemed just the right choice. Of course, I had visions of L’Ambrosie’s chicken with the truffles under the skin. Basically this is a very unfair comparison – 3 star dining versus a bouchon. But again the quality of the truffles was superb and the chicken moist and full of flavor.

Just for the record L’Ambroisie’s chicken

Scrambled eggs with chives, boudin blanc and white truffles – this was an oh my, off the charts dish – the creamiest eggs, the fabulous boudin and sensational white truffles.

A lovely lunch with great service


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