Michael’s – Long Beach

Michael’s On Naples in Long Beach was introduced to the Roving Reporter some time ago by a friend.   It is a really good place with very nice service, great atmosphere and excellent Italian food.   It is definitely the place to go if you are in or around Long Beach.

A simple, well priced Chianti style wine, $ 40.00 from a generally reasonable and intelligent list.

The green noodle Lasagna at Michael’s is tops.   This is a half portion and as you can see a very generous, big serving.  This was delicious with just the right mixture of meat and pasta.

The steak was perfectly cooked with potatoes and onions that were delicious.   Again, this was a half portion and was equally as generous as the pasta with more than enough for one.

A little something sweet, the Italian doughnuts are superb…sprinkled with orange zest, fabulous flavor and texture.   Here 1.5 doughnuts was enough, but had there been one more on the plate your reporter would have scarfed it down.

Michael’s is someplace to return to…too bad it took 1:45 hours to get there from Brentwood at 6:15…traffic ugg!!


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