Bar Bouchon Beverly Hills

This will be a very boring post as it repeats what I always say about Bar Bouchon. Yes, it is a perfect place for a late lunch/early dinner on the patio outside. Yes, the service is warm and professional. Yes, Chef Rory Herrmann is just getting better and better. Yes, the staff is overly accommodating to us as they let us order from the bar menu, the brunch menu and the Bouchon dinner menu – an advantage of being a regular. We tend to order our favorites – normally splits one for two.

White wine from their list

Chad our excellent server

Pate de Campagne – country style pate with cornichons and watercress – one of the best pates in Los Angeles

House-made English Muffin with a soft poached hen egg, smoked salmon, crispy capers and sauce hollandaise – Rory was kind enough to do the split in the kitchen.

Hollandaise sauce – served on the side as requested.

Salmon Benedict sauced – perfect and very rich

BYO Red Wine

Pan-roasted trout with haricot verts, almonds and beurre noisette – Again Rory did the split in the kitchen. This is a half portion! I was getting very full so I ended up taking some of the trout home. It was equally delicious the next day served cold.

Boudin Noir – blood sausage with potato puree and poached prunes – again a half portion. Rory is now making the boudin noir in house and it was perfect with decadent potato puree.

This was not a dinner for the diet crowd. You can order salads and raw “fruit de mers” but I just can’t resist the rich classical bistro dishes.


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