Wilshire – Santa Monica

Congratulations to Andrew Kirschner, executive chef of Wilshire. He can’t discuss any of the details, but do start watching the Next Iron Chef on Oct 3.

From Feast:

“Season three of The Next Iron Chef, hosted by Alton Brown, will be filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City. The season kick-off is on Sunday, October 3 at 9 P.M.. Andrew Kirschner, Executive Chef of Wilshire, in Santa Monica will be among the top toques contending for the glory”


Another huge surprise, my good friend Simon Majumdar will be one of the judges! For those who don’t know Simon this is his resume:

“Simon Majumdar is a food and travel writer, broadcaster and co-author of Dos Hermanos, one of the most popular food websites in the U.K. and internationally. GQ magazine recently called Dos Hermanos “Michelin Starred Blogging,” and in 2008, Simon was voted one of the 1,000 most influential people in London by The London Evening Standard. He left his book publishing job in 2007 and set out on a quest to travel the world and “go everywhere, eat everything.” The experience took him to more than 30 countries in one year and resulted in his best-selling memoir, Eat My Globe. He has continued traveling and eating around the world, and his latest book, Eating for Britain, was published in May 2010″

See here for Simon’s take:

Wed. – August 25th post


Wilshire is not haute cuisine – it is solid food with a huge emphasis on market fresh vegetables and herbs.  Also Chef Kirschner adds many Asian elements to his cuisine – a personal favorite of mine. We tend to order our favorites, knowing that Andrew always adds different market fresh vegetables to the main protein.

BYO Champagne

At our favorite table, fish swim in a small pool and the fire pots keep you toasty.

Kumamoto oysters dynamite, wasabi tobiko caviar, panko breadcrumbs on a seaweed salad – we have had this before and really liked it. For some reason this was just too dry.

Hamachi, ponzu, wasabi, cilantro with a “salad” of radish and cucumber – another repeat dish with sushi quality fish

Soft shell crab, corn, braised bacon, avocado, tomato, red onion, lemon – the soft shell was done perfectly, but the wow of the dish was the accompaniments.

BYO Red Wine

Crispy sweetbreads, chanterelles, grilled figs, bresalo – a nice combination of complementary  flavors

Grilled pork loin (that had been brined then grilled), hamhock polenta, swiss chard, huckleberries – the pork was moist, the outside crunchy and I could have had an extra side dish of just the polenta.

Bottom line – a lovely evening at our favorite table with excellent service.


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