Petrossian – West Hollywood

We really like having a late lunch/early dinner at Petrossian. They have livened up the room with bright oil paintings and a lovely flower arrangement.

The room

Chef Benjamin Bailly was there and came out to greet us. He said he had devised a tasting menu for us and was that OK? What’s not to like? Of course, the answer was absolutely yes.

BYO Champagne

Chilled Cauliflower Panna Cotta topped by Classic Alverta White Sturgeon Caviar from Northern California – this was similar to the famous FL panna cotta – perfect.

Cold Capellini with crushed and pureed tomato (almost gazpacho-like) and chives topped with Classic Alverta caviar – the combination of the gazpacho-like tomatoes and caviar was an unexpected taste sensation. The capellini was cooked al dente without one hint of that mushy quality.

Napoleon tartare – Hand sliced hangar steak tartare topped with President Alverta caviar and a  fried quail egg surrounded with micro-greens. This is one my favorite Petrossian dishes.

Crostini for the tartare

Crispy egg, shaved cold asparagus, dill creme fraiche, ossetra caviar – another Petrossian favorite dish with the asparagus replacing the cipollini onion soubise.

The luscious crispy egg revealed – trust me, this tasted as it good as it looks.

BYO White Wine (When we were in Los Olivos, we stopped by Longoria – one of our purchases)

Crab risotto with pressed caviar – this was very, very rich but well-executed and delicious.

Caviar pizza, creme fraiche, chives, capers, red onion, ossetra caviar – we have had this before, but never with ossetra –  an extra special treat

Of course, Petrossian’s cuisine features caviar and if you are not a caviar lover, this is not the restaurant for you. We happen to love caviar and even bought a small jar to take home. You can never have enough caviar.


1 Response to “Petrossian – West Hollywood”

  1. 1 mattatouille August 16, 2010 at 11:33 am

    agree – you can never have enough caviar. wonderful that you got to try osetra on that pizza. i need to go here, chef ben keeps inviting me.

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