Stefan’s on Montana

I have no pictures – this was to be a pleasant lunch in a casual setting. We had been twice before and the service was excellent and the food good. This time, it was awful both to service and to the food.

My husband had Clam Chowder and a Caesar Salad – the clam chowder was thick but was a weird color – sort of brown, definitely not white which it should have been. My husband thought that it had been overcooked and was “scorched.” The picture below is from Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica – plenty of clams and the broth done correctly.

His Caesar Salad was a joke – mostly consisting of torn up Romaine, a light sprinkling of parmesan, a light dousing of Caesar salad dressing and a couple of white anchovies on top.

I had the egg white benedict that I have had before. This version was awful – the olive oil tomato hollandaise was tasteless, the egg white rubbery with 3 small slices of avocado and some stringy spinach on a cold English muffin.

This took over 25 minutes to make.

I still don’t know how they get away with charging a service charge for wine ($10) when they don’t have a license, don’t open the wine and can’t even touch the bottle.

Bottom Line: Don’t bother


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