Xi’an – Beverly Hills

I don’t have any pictures for this meal as this was a last minute decision.

We have a theory – our first time at a restaurant, we order one dish at a time to see the quality of the food and to judge if it is to our taste. We tried three dishes and left. I have never tasted such bland cooking in my life. Whoever is in the kitchen either doesn’t taste the food or has no taste buds.

Minced chicken in a cool lettuce cup – quickly cooked minced chicken with jicama over crispy noodles served in a lettuce cup. The lettuce cup was a wilted piece of lettuce. I got 2 tiny pieces of fried wonton strips, my husband got none. The chicken itself tasted like saw dust – a side of hoisin sauce was served and we doused the chicken with that to give it some flavor.

Cha Shu Bao – fluffy bun filled with BBQ pork – at least this was served hot and the bun wasn’t bad, but again the BBQ pork was tasteless.

Crispy Onion Pancakes – soggy pancakes that were tasteless – one bite only. 

Botttom line – we left.

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