We were the first customers at Takao – literally the very first customers the day they opened. It is our favorite neighborhood sushi bar – we have OUR seats that we can reserve ahead of time, we can BYO wine (although my husband drinks beer) and we can just let Takao do his thing.


monkfish cavia

  Monkfish Liver with Caviar


oysters rtakao

 Kumamoto Oysters with Green Onion and a touch of chili sauce 


scallops - takao

Thinly Sliced Scallops with Summer Black Truffles with Chives, Sesame seeds and a Sesame Seed Oil- Based Dressing 


tuna presented

tuna and tomatoes

 Heirloom Tomatoes, Green Zebra tomatoes, Pea Shoots, Yama Kaka Slices and Skip Jack in a ponzu dressing. The first picture is the dish as presented. The second photo shows the dish “spread apart.” 


nato takao

 Spanish Mackeral Tatake and Nato with Nori – I do love nato and yes, it is an acquired taste.


Baby crab and soy bean tempura

Blue Crab and Young Soy Bean Tempura – Takao is a master of tempura.


grilled toro

Grilled Toro with Onion, Eggplant and Asparagus 



A “no limit” Chirashi that Takao made for another table.


takao uni and salmon eggs

Uni with Quail Egg and Salmon Eggs with Quail Egg


Takao yelloetail

Yellowtail Belly Sushi


salmon skin hand roll

Salmon Skin Hand Roll


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