Bryan Flannery Steaks

I very rarely endorse a product and never do I get anything for free. I have been hearing about Bryan Flannery’s steaks and everyone who has had them has raved. Well, when he did his helluva a deal promotion, I couldn’t resist and ordered 8 New York Strips and 4 Rib Eyes. I must say my husband declared that the strip steak he had this morning (yes, it was 10 am and he couldn’t wait) was one of the finest steaks he has ever eaten.

steak saesoned

Steak seasoned

steak on grill

On the grill

steak served

Ready to be eaten


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1 Response to “Bryan Flannery Steaks”

  1. 1 Joel October 20, 2009 at 4:37 am

    David Kinch hipped me to Flannery two summer’s ago and I have had his porterhouse, strips, short ribs and rib eyes. The California Private Reserve beef is the best I have ever had. He will age it to your specs if you tell him in advance. I get 40-42 day aged meat. Fantastic!

    Try the beef cap he sells. It is most incredibly tasty.

    And, BTW, Bryan is a real sweetheart.

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