Il Treno – Vernon

The only real place to eat in Vernon! Il Treno (The Train in Italian) is on the property of Peacock Cheese Gourmet food distributors. They bought two real honest-to-gosh Santa Fe train dining cars and built a patio around them to serve local businesses. Only open 5 work days for lunch but it’s amazing. This is truly one of those rare LA things and worth playing hookie for a trek to Vernon for the experience. Ironic that they are on Santa Fe Blvd.

comment from

This comment reflects the feelings of the Refined Palate ROVING REPORTER exactly.  If business associates in Huntington Park did not bring me there I certainly would not have found Il Treno. It is a very good restaurant with a nice setting, simple service and high quality food…I don’t find many places to have home made spagetti and meat balls and lasagna…it is a treat.

Photos tell the story…well worth finding time to get there for a good, reasonable cost different lunch. 

 Il Treno Sign big




The Train Santa Fe
Il Treno front door
Il Treno counter

rolls and olive oil with fresh garlic
Rolls and Olive Oil with Fresh Garlic

Pounded chicken breast
Pounded Chicken Breast


4 cheese Lasagna

Four Cheese Lasagna


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