Takao – Brentwood

Takao is our neighborhood sushi bar. We just do omakase – chef’s choice. I will let the photos tell the “story.”


Takao app

Appetizer Plate

takao egg pudding

Home-made Egg Pudding with caviar

Takao jello

Jellied Hamo White Fish – Nikogori

Takao giant clam

Giant Clam with Miso sauce

Takao Natto

Natto with Cubes of Tuna, Nori Strips, Green Onion

Takao scallop and uni

Raw Scallop and Uni, Wasabi, Nori Wrap

Takao way to eatscallop

The uni/scallop was to be eaten wrapped up


Takao sardine

Finely chopped (tataki) sardine, Miso, Ginger, Spring Onion – Namero


takao grilled spanish

Grilled Spanish Mackerel, Daikon, Radish, Pickled Ginger

Takao soup bowl

Soup Bowl

Taakao hamo

Nabe (steampot) of Hamo Fish with Burdock and Egg “Yanagawa” Style

close- up of soup

Close-up Of Hamo

Takao uni hand roll

Uni Squid Shiso handroll

Salmon Skill Roll (not pictured)

Tako toro

Toro Sushi

Takao toro rolll

Toro Tataki Roll


This is not Urasawa, but for a neighborhood sushi bar, it is excellent.


1 Response to “Takao – Brentwood”

  1. 1 Will J July 30, 2009 at 10:59 am

    I notice the shots are getting better – did you get a new camera or was the place properly lit? Hope you enjoyed bay area! Sounds like you did 😉

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