Redd – Yountville

We have had hit and miss experiences at Redd with the biggest miss being at brunch. But it is a perfect spot for lunch, particularly before a French laundry dinner.

Redd wine again

Wine – Schramberg Blanc de Blanc


Redd hamachi

Sashimi of hamachi, sticky rice, edamame, lime ginger sauce – this is always excellent and a perfect beginning


Better Redd tuna

Yellowfin tuna and hamachi tartare, avocado, puffed Jasmine rice, Jasmine Asian pear, chili oil, whole grain mustard vinaigrette, micro cilantro – even though this is a duplication of an ingredient – the hamachi, it is a completely different flavor profile. Another excellent course and the crunch from the rice a wonderful textural contrast.


Redd salad again

Rdd close-up of salad

Shrimp salad, butter lettuce, avocado, bacon, caesar dressing – this is a half order! What a surprise dish – absolutely delicious


Redd Soup

Chilled Corn soup with basil oil – Our server was excellent. I had added this as a last moment thought and expected it before the salad. He decided to serve it after the salad as he said it was very rich. This is a 1/4 portion. In any case, it was like eating sweet corn ice cream – a perfect ending to a delightful lunch.


Redd bread with soup

Smoked salmon and cheese panini served with the soup – nice

Redd is back on track and definitely recommended.


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