Bistro Don Giovanni – Napa

Bistro Don Giovanni is a casual restaurant with good, simple Italian fare. It can get very crowded and service can go downhill so we always show up for an early lunch around 11:45. The key to Don Giovanni is to keep it simple. The wood-fired pizzas are good and the best one is something not on the menu called pizza Bismark with a fried egg in the middle. We weren’t in the mood for pizza so went with pasta instead.

Dg front

The view from the highway


DG 1

Close-up of the “sculpture”


DG garden

The back garden


DG garden 1

Another “sculpture” by the entrance


DG patio

The patio


DG inside



Dg inside 1

Another view of inside


DG bread

Bread – delicious


DG bread 1

Bread with Olive Oil added for dipping


DG wine


All menu items were ordered as splits – one for two served family style.

DG carpaccioe

Carpaccio – thinly sliced filet of beef, capers, arugula, parmigiano, bistro breadsticks – we always order this and it is very good


DG frito

Fritto Misto – calamari, rock shrimp, smelt, fennel, onions, green beans, spicy aioli – I wish there had been more smelts (only 2), but it was a decent version of fritto misto. The spicy aioli was excellent.


DG pasta

Paccheri Bolognese, Sonoma Duck Ragu, Sage, Aged Provolone – I love their duck ragu and this was as good always. Pasta was toothsome – not at all overcooked


DG pasta close-up

Close-up of the Pasta

A nice early afternoon meal in the valley. Just don’t expect haute cuisine and I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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