Tavern – Brentwood

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne (Lucques and A.O.C.) opened The Tavern in the old Hamburger Hamlet Space on San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood.  It doesn’t resemble the old Hamlet at all. In fact it is quite glamorous.


bar area tavern

The bar area


Larder at tavern

The larder for either sit down or take out



room at Tavern 1

The dining room 

room at Tavern 2

Another view of  the dining room


wine at tavern

Wine from their list


Bread at Tavern



Lunch is a limited menu of mostly salads, sandwiches and burgers with a couple of entrees.

We decided to split two sandwiches.

Sandwich at tavern

The Spaniarde – grilled mahon, lomo, romesco, quince, fried egg ($16) 

This was by far the better of the two. My only problem with the sandwich was that the crust was very thick and you ended up getting too much bread relative to filling.  The sweet potato chips are addictive.


Sandwich at tavern1

The Spaniarde – open-faced


Turkey at tavern

The Pilgrim- turkey, cranberry, stuffing, mayonnaise ($13) – I think this sandwich needs tweaking – the turkey tasted freshly made, but the whole didn’t equal the parts. It is a clever idea to recreate Thanksgiving in a sandwich, but somehow it just didn’t “work.”


Turkey at tavern 1

the pilgrim halved


Turkey at tavern 2

Open-faced Pilgrim


Burger at tavern

Niman Ranch beef  burger with fontina and onion rings ($17 ) The onion rings are delicious. 


Burger at tavern1

We asked for rare and they delivered! But, for me, there was just too much bun relative to the meat. Although,this seems to be a trend in restaurants at the moment. 


chef, waiter and hostess at Tavern

Our wonderful server.

I see the Tavern as a work in progress. I haven’t eaten dinner or their bar food and this post is based on one lunch. It probably isn’t  fair to make any judgements based on one meal, but I do think the kitchen staff needs to taste not just the individual ingredients, but the entire dish to experience the dish from the diner’s perspective.


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