Takao – Brentwood

We have known Takao for years and never look at a menu. We just rely on Takao’s ability, his sense of what is the best fish and we are perfectly content to let him organize an Omakase menu.


BYO Champagne

BYO Champagne


Takaao seaweed

Junsai –

“Junsai is a summertime delicacy. A member of the water lily family, junsai grows in clumps in natural ponds and irrigation reservoirs. A perennial water grass, junsai’s flower is a deep maroon-red. It is the young, unfurled sprout covered in a slippery, transparent jelly, which is the culinary item prized by so many Japanese.”


Takao abalone

Steamed abalone and uni, pickled ginger, cucumber, scallion topped with gold leaf flakes – the abalone and uni combination was delicious plus the textural contrast between the crunchy abalone and the smooth uni was perfect.


Takao abalone 1

Close-up with the abalone “uncovered”


Takao scallop

Scallop and Crab tartare with caviar and chives – oh my – an A+ dish.


Takao caviar 1

Close-up of the tartare


Takao squid

Squid Sashimi dusted with “powdered” nori, curled carrot, peashoots in a soy sauce based sauce. The presentation, as you can see, was gorgeous. We were instructed to just dump the squid in the bowl.


Takao squid 11

Close-up of the squid 


Takao toro

Seared Toro, Scallion greens, mustard


Takao grilled fish

Grilled Spanish Mackerel, Radish, Daikon, Grilled Green Chili Pepper – this was the only miss for me as the Spanish Mackerel was somewhat dry and needed more of a sauce component.


Takao dish

A beautiful bowl


Takao tempura

The bowl uncovered revealed tempura hamo with asparagus, eggplant and tomato and topped with crispy fried noodles


Takao tempura close-up

Close-up of the hamo – Takao used only the tips of the asparagus because John has an aversion to asparagus stems. How Takao remembered this is unbelievable! This was delicious.



Another Takao dish

Another covered bowl


Takaao salmon

Uncovered – Salmon teppanyaki, Shimeji mushrooms, onions in a red miso sauce – The plate was blazing hot, much like cooking on a hot stone, and Takao said if we wanted the salmon cooked more, just let it cook on the bottom plate. No way – I like Salmon rare.


Takao salmon skin

Salmon Skin Hand Roll


Takao uni

Uni sushi


Takao tuna maki

Toro Roll

This is a neighborhood restaurant that belongs in everyone’s neighborhood.


2 Responses to “Takao – Brentwood”

  1. 1 Eugene June 19, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Looks incredible…I will certainly go, as I’m living in Brentwood over the summer.

  2. 2 SinoSoul July 10, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Thanks for commenting, just realized you’re the same Lizzie as on Chowhound!

    From looking and reading, I know Takao would be much more of my dig than Sugarfish. That said, nothing can really beat a well sewn personal relationship with the itamae and that’s simply not possible the Sugarfishes. Mine is on the East Side, with Toshi-san of Toshi.

    Curious, since it’s only 4 miles away, have you been to Katsu in Beverly Hills?

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