Sonny McClean’s – Santa Monica

I just don’t understand why Los Angeles doesn’t have a clue about how to make fried clams. I can buy clams with the bellies from the East Coast and somehow manage to make decent clams – not perfect but OK.

Clams at home


Please notice plump bellies – just a light coating of batter


Mary’s Fish Camp in New York also succeeds – at least there are clams


Neptune Oyster in Boston wins a huge prize

Now we get to Sonny McClean’s in Santa Monica. An absolute disgrace as all you are eating is batter. At first glance, they look OK.


But then I deconstructed the clam and deep-sixed the batter. To the right is THE clam. To the left is just batter. I am not kidding – this was just batter.




More fried clam porno from Road Food:



Don’t bother going to Sonny McLean’s.


1 Response to “Sonny McClean’s – Santa Monica”

  1. 1 Joel April 28, 2009 at 2:08 am

    I had five crisp delicious specimens last night at Mary’s Fish Camp. Light and crunchy batter, tasty bellies and strips. Yum.

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