Vin Bar – Santa Monica

First of all a huge congratulations to Piero and Anna on the birth of their daughter Sasha on Easter morning. It was very important to us to wish our best to Piero in person so Saturday night at Vin bar was a must.


Proud Papa and champagne (not pictured) to celebrate Sasha’s arrival.

As usual, we didn’t look at a menu and just said to Piero to keep it light.

One important note: Valentino is introducing regional cuisine month. April is devoted to Sicily, next month is Campagna. I would definitely check with the restaurant and take advantage of this very special treat.

The amuse was served together but photographed separately. I will let the photos speak for themselves – each dish was executed perfectly and in a word delicious. 


Duck breast on Bruschetta with celery root puree 



Deep fried zucchini flower stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese with marinara sauce



Wine with amuse



La Caponatina di Melanzana – Sicilian style appetizer of grilled eggplant with caponata – roasted red pepper, pine nuts, tomato, olives, goat cheese, basil and olive oil



Second wine



Frittura di Paranza con Polipetto, Calamari, e Pescciolini – Paranza style refers to small fish fried in olive oil – the fish: baby octopus, squid and a “baby fish” that resembled  smelts



Third Wine



Caciocavallo cheese Timbale – the sauce was the Sicilian cheese – Caciocavallo. The timbale was a layered affair of zucchini, abalone mushrooms and green kale.



Farmer’s Market Rissoto with zucchini, fava beans and Cresenza Cheese – this looks luscious and it was.


Two different pastas for each of us – we shared


 Calamaratta Pasta with sweet onions, fresh tomatoes, dried proscuitto



 Pasta with Broccoli and ricotta (my notes on this are atrocious – (please excuse my lack of exactness, but we did have a lot of wine)


Last wine



Cheese – Sotto Chennere, Caprino (goat cheese) Fig Salami

What an absolutely wonderful meal with the delightful and generous host Piero. I absolutely recommend Valentino and/or Vin Bar without hesitation. Go for a casual evening, go for the chef’s tasting menu, go for the special regional dinners – just go.


1 Response to “Vin Bar – Santa Monica”

  1. 1 cheflaszlo August 20, 2009 at 5:28 am

    looks deliciousness, caciocavallo is the highlight

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