Brunch for a Steeler Game – Oahu

We were suppose to go to Alan Wong’s Pineapple room for brunch, but my husband, the ultimate Steeler fan, was having withdrawal symptoms at the thought of missing THE game. Being in Oahu in a small hotel room called for some creative thinking.

We had brought caviar from home with us so I just needed accompaniments for the caviar. As we had access to the Hyatt’s Club level where they set out a small breakfast buffet, I took a couple of hard-boiled eggs, lemon, cornichons, red onion and smoked salmon on Sunday morning. The day before I had discovered R Field Wine Company at Foodland. Not only do they have an excellent wine selection, but they also carry excellent charcuterie, salumi and cheese as well as La Brea bread. So on Saturday, we purchased champagne, cheese, charcuterie, bread plus a knife to dice the eggs and red onions. 

Game Day Brunch


Full view – NV Marc Hebrart Champagne, lemon, chopped egg white, chopped egg yolk, chopped red onions, caviar, assorted cheeses, chaucuterie, La Brea bread



Close-up of charcuterie 



Close-up of caviar


Another full view.


2 Responses to “Brunch for a Steeler Game – Oahu”

  1. 1 Loving Annie December 18, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Augggggh – and you didn’t invite me to share in that exquisite feast ???
    I am heartbroken, my stomach feeling the pangs of rejection… My most favorite food, ever, sob.


  2. 2 lizziee December 18, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Annie – you must admit I was inventive and you would have been invited – just a 6 hour plane ride.

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