Bernard’s – Chestnut Hill

Thanks to a friend of mine, we went to Bernard’s as a “known quantity.” It is not 100% authentic Chinese but that’s not what its supposed to be. It is Americanized Chinese, using very good ingredients and cooked well. It is surprising that it is located in a mall, but once inside the restaurant, you lose the mall immediately. For some reason, I lost my notes so the photos will have to tell the story.

Bernard was so genial and so gracious. I basically let him choose our menu.

Chicken and Ginger served in lettuce leaves


Some type of Fried Spring Roll


Peking Duck – our server was terrific and prepared the duck for us – delicious


Shrimp with roasted black bean, garlic and shallots and sautéed String Beans

Don’t have a clue.

Tapioca Custard

An absolutely welcome addition to my dining adventures in Chestnut Hill. I would go back in a heartbeat


1 Response to “Bernard’s – Chestnut Hill”

  1. 1 Loving Annie October 29, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    The chicken & ginger in lettuce leaf would be a favorite of mine… and… Those spring rolls looked delicious !

    Good tapioca – yummmm ! So few people make it anymore with the large pearls.

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