Jean Georges – Manhattan

JG has always been one of my most favorite places for lunch in New York. I love the room, the sun streaming in the windows and the quiet luxurious sense of the room. I just don’t understand what has happened to the food – it is as if the chef de cuisine is not tasting his sauces. Where Le Bernardin excelled at every single sauce, JG barely managed to get one right.


Salmon sashimi with citrus mignonette – way too much citrus

Crimini beignet with cheddar – bland

Warm spiced pear cider with foam – the best of the three


Sea Trout Sashimi draped in trout eggs, crispy trout skin, lemon foam, dill puree, horseradish – John’s comment was that this was way too citrusy


Yellow Fin Tuna Ribbons, Avocado Puree, Spicy radish, Chili Oil, Ginger marinade – the saucing was added tableside and I found that the tuna was drowned out by the saucing which added a very unpleasant acidic note.


Santa Barbara Uni, Yuzu Vinaigrette on Black bread – again there was an off balance of flavor as there was an overabundance of yuzu vinaigrette that provided too much of a citrus component


Young garlic soup with thyme and frogs legs – John thought this was excellent


Foie Gras Brulee, spiced fig jam and toasted brioche – normally the sweet component is somewhat muted – not this time


Parmesan crusted confit leg of chicken, white asparagus, basil and lemon butter – again the lemon was way too dominant



I just don’t understand what has happened to Jean Georges. For some reason, the flavor balance is off – either way too much citrus or too much acidity.

1 Response to “Jean Georges – Manhattan”

  1. 1 Loving Annie October 23, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    What a shame. It truly is disappointing when you have expectations because of past wonderful experiences – and then, meh.
    I wonder if it was just a bad night – or they have lost their touch.
    Was the usual chef on that night – or a protege ?

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