Vin Bar

We have been dining at Vin Bar recently because as Piero “mans” the front door and greets each and every guest, we get the chance to chat with him throughout the evening. We have a long history with Piero and it really is a great deal of fun to catch up on all the news. 

We don’t look at a menu and just let Piero arrange a tasting menu of small bites. He also arranged a wine tasting.

On the left, crostini with quail pate and a shaved black truffle, then grilled shrimp wrapped in pancetta with lemon dressing and on the right burrata on basil oil and topped with caviar – 3 wonderful “bites” with our sparkling wine (not pictured)

Bread is never an after thought – delicious.


’07 Valcanzjria blend of Sicilian grape and Chardonnay, bright, fruity and clean.  Very good with early crudo dishes.

Lobster Carpaccio, 1/4 inch dice of red and green pepper, sweet red pepper juice and a classical sauce with extra virgin olive oil that had been infused with citrus fruit – delicate, light with a wonderful crunch from the peppers

Grilled eggplant, Romaine tomatoes, goat cheese, capers, basil, balsamic reduction sauce, Hawaiian salt – this was delicious – perfect balance of flavors

Gavi–“Gavi comes from the Piedmont area of Italy, and is made primarily with the Cortese grape. The two wines coming out of this region are Gavi and Cortese di Gavi. This is Italy’s most expensive white wine shipped to the US.”

“Gavi, for Italians, is the standard “Bianco” (white). Gavi tends to have a straw color and a neutral, mild aroma. It is very acidic. Its unassuming flavor is usually fruity, persistent, dry and balanced. Gavi goes very well with fish.”


Maine grilled scallop, green pea sauce, light Burrata sauce (the white in the photo), Parmesan Grissini – the scallop was cooked to perfection, not a hint of toughness

Alto Adige Speck with sweet candied mustard fruit – Alto Adige is a province in the Trentino region of Italy which is in the northern most part on the Austrian border. 

Culatelo from Parma (Piero actually brought this in from Parma himself!) with melon and a micro green salad

Both the speck and the culatelo did taste as if they had just arrived from Italy, which in fact they did.

Loacker by Morit drank like a Barolo.  Piero said very similar grape but this one more full bodied.  Huge flavor.


Pennoni stuffed with Proscuitto and Mascarpone with Parmesan Fondue – the Parmesan fondue was sensational and I had visions of tiny bread cubes and a bowl of the “stuff”

Garganelli, Oxtail ragu, Barolo Red wine sauce and Blackberry sauce – rich, filling and satisfying.

We were suppose to have a meat course, but we were getting full and decided to just have a cheese course.

Sottocenere al Tartufo (cow’s milk, veneto, made with raw milk and truffle with various herb and spices, aged in an ash rind)

Montes (Goat’s milk, cpow’s milk, piemonte, firm texture and a tangy flavor with hints of hay and  buttermilk)

apricots, hazelnuts, dried orange, honey and mustard honey

This is just fun dining with one of the best restauranteurs in the country.


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