Comme Ca

Comme Ca is loud, noisy and very busy. There are two ways to handle the problem on a Saturday night – go early or go late. We have chosen to go early. The staff has the time to really talk to you, the room is beautiful with the sun just beginning to set, the vibe is fun without being frenetic and the entire experience is just pleasurable.

If we lived closer, we would definitely go on a weekday, but traffic has become unbearable in Los Angeles and a 30 minute drive can become 2 hours so Saturday night early has become our way of handling the situation.

Comme Ca excels at service. Each and every member of the service team is extraordinary; from Max, the hostess to Ashley our waitress to Jason, the sommelier, to Ako, the new GM and finally Dominic, ex-GM, who is about to follow other pursuits.

The kitchen was spot on last night. Each dish was done perfectly – not one miss.

Amuse presented by Patrick, the wonderful cheese person.

On one baguette slice, Brillat Savarin Cheese with piquillo and on the other Abbaye de Bellocq Cheese with figs served with a cherry “paste” with coriander


Tarte Flambee, fromage blanc, caramelized onions, lardons – We have had this each time at Comme Ca, but last night’s version was absolutely fantastic – the caramelized onions were melt in your mouth perfect and the lardons just crispy and wonderful.  Only half of the tart is pictured.


 A Dozen Oysters – Malpeque and Virginica – perfect slurping oysters


Salmon tartar, lemon, crisp potato – this has replaced the smoked salmon galette and is an excellent version of tartar – lightly dressed and not drowning in oil.


Brandade de Morue Gratinee – salt cod, piquillo pepper puree – again we have had this every time at Comme Ca, but last night’s version was the best yet.

Brandade plated



Glazed Sweetbreads, sautéed romaine, peas, lardons, glazed onions – I hope the photo conveys how perfectly the sweetbreads were cooked.

BYO Wines

N/V  Roger Coalon Rose–delightful, light rose color, great flavor, nice drink.

2004 Chassagne-Montrachet Moregot, Henri Clerc, major wine, great deep flavor, superb finish, meyer lemon/grapefruit flavors.
1995 Morey St. Denis, Les Rochots, Arlaud, nice, mature Burgundy, left a little to be desired on the finish.  
Comme Ca is just such a satisfying meal – no pretension, the execution level of cuisine is consistently excellent, the service is exemplary and if not for the noise level around 9 pm, this would be a perfect restaurant experience.


2 Responses to “Comme Ca”

  1. 1 Dan September 17, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Comme Ca has been on my radar for a visit. Thanks for the post, everything looks very good. I’m curious, have you been to Sona or have any plans to dine there?


  2. 2 lizziee September 17, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    Dan, absolutely want to return to Sona; it has been a while, but we have plans to go again soon.

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