Thank goodness Giuseppe is kind enough not only to orchestrate our meal, but also send me a copy of the menu. I didn’t take extensive notes as we were with friends and note-taking just didn’t fit the situation.

Culatello over Frico (Parmesan chips) and red bell pepper “Panna cotta”

Culatello is one of the most prestigious of salumi made in Italy. It is made from the back leg of the pig and then only the rear part of the leg, freed from the bone and skin.


Octopus with Chino Farm bean salad, parsley pesto and lobster oil – The preparation reminded me of Il Grano’s crudo – excellent.


 Salad of golden beets, Ahi tuna, burrata and Osetra caviar – this was an unusual pairing of ingredients. The caviar was somewhat lost in this preparation.


 “Uovo al Tartufo”: Raviolo filled with spinach, ricotta and duck egg, and served with a little brown butter and lots of fresh Alba white truffles – this was the dish of the night, just delicious with good quality truffles. I couldn’t wait for the photographer so I had already started eating.


 Oven baked lasagnette (small lasagne) with capon ragu and cabbage sauce – Another winner.


 Pan Roasted Napa quail with celery sauce, wilted greens, Umbria black truffle and porcini gnocchi


Colorado lamb loin with sauteed pear, toasted pumpkin seeds and “Mosto cotto” (cooked must) reduction – this was a tame dish relative to the other components of the meal.


Sorbet of Barolo Chinato (China being the tree bark)


Trio of apples: Golden apple ravioli, Granny Smith semifreddo, fresh quince cannoli


 Sicilian ricotta cannoli with Bronte pistachio sauce (Bronte is famous in Sicily for the world’s best pistachio)


An excellent meal with great service,



1- Duval-Leroy, brut N.V.

2- Ravello bianco 2005 by Marisa Cuomo

3- Barbera d’Alba 2004 ” Carolina” by Cascina Val Del Prete

4- Barolo 2001 “Margheria” by Massolino

5- Ben Rye Passito di Pantelleria 2004 by Donnafugata


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