Disaster struck Providence on Friday at lunch. They lost their power – no lights, no computer, no ovens. As a result, they could only serve food that didn’t require cooking. The power company said that the problem couldn’t be fixed in time for dinner service so Donato had to cancel all dinner reservations. He hadn’t downloaded the information from Open Table so a trip to an Internet café, a call to Open Table Headquarters and hours on the phone. Given the above circumstances, Saturday dinner could have been a miss. Anything but….


Truffled Kanpachi tartare with a truffled Parsnip Chip. The tartare sat on a small mound of tomato concasse.

Sweet and Sour Scallops – thinly sliced raw scallops with pickled jalapenos, celery leaves, lime foam, coriander, tarragon, small tiny cubes of kefir lime gelee and diced chives. This was a very aromatic dish.

Boule Parfait – A ball of foie gras parfait, with Tokai gelee, foie gras powder dusted with cherry powder, an emulsion of Australian Pepper jus – this was an absolute A+ dish. We asked our table number (11) and made sure that the busser showed Michael our plates.

John’s plate after eating the foie gras.

On the left foie gras sushi with black truffle and “eel barbecue” reduction. On the right Kobe beef Sushi with a dab of Kurosawa plum. Another A+ dish.

Uni Sabayon – Michael knows how much we like this dish and never mind the repeat. There seemed to be extra tongues of uni this time around.




Maine Lobster Risotto with winter fruits (quince, apple, pear), black truffles, Pedro Jimenez Sherry

 Turbot Sandwich – the turbot had been roasted on the bone and then presented as the filet. It was layered with Black Perigord truffles, carrots, snap peas, asparagus and a lobster truffle jus

Duck with Romesco, mushrooms, Parsnip puree, needle puree, lardon

Cheese – Cantal, Savoy, Malvarosa (Spain), quince, candied walnuts, raisin bread

A wonderful meal.



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