Bistro Jeanty

Bistro Jeanty is a safe bet for good, classical bistro food. There are no bells and whistles.  We also tend to stay with our tried and true favorites for the couple of times we have strayed i.e. cassoulet, we have been disappointed.

The menu remains virtually unchanged since they opened, although there are a couple of blackboard specials changed daily.

Menu here:

We split all orders – one for two.


Duck Foie Gras Pate on Croutons


 Smelts – these are still the best – crunchy, just fried, not greasy with a spicy aioli on the side.


 Homemade Rabbit Pate with a celery Root Applke salad and Mustard Dressing



“Steak Tartare, ground to order, with Pommes Frites. The Tartare is made the traditional way with capers, parsley, onions and cornichons. It is served with a raw egg on top to be mixed in by the diner.


 The frites were superb arriving lightly sprinkled with salt and parsley.

Bistro Jeanty is a safe, classical bistro with delicious food and excellent service.


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