Vin Bar

We tried Vin Bar for the first time Saturday night and it is a great option when you want a casual dining experience. The best part for us is that Piero still greets every single guest as they enter and as we were seated close to the entrance, we got to talk with Piero most of the evening.

Portion size was very generous. Some courses would easily serve four and all were suitable for splits.

The room is fun, casual with a nice vibe.



Pesce Crudo and Colatura di Alici, Organic greens and Tomato – This crudo plate was perfect – tuna with a pineapple dressing, yellowtail with cucumber and Baltic salmon with orange, salmon caviar and black caviar. The quality of the fish was sushi grade and I would return just for this.

Calarmetti, Mediterranean Fried baby Squid in a cone with Aioli sauce – a huge portion of perfectly fried, greaseless squid with delicious Aioli sauce – another winner and a definite repeat dish.

Sweet Corn filled Ravioli with Farmer’s Market vegetables (zucchini, asparagus, cherry tomatoes) with tomato coulis and baked Ricotta cheese. The vegetables were indeed from the Farmer’s market and just perfect

Grilled Red Snapper with tomatoes, caper berries and cauliflower puree – good

Cheese Plate


We never BYO at Valentino.

N/V Duval-Leroy Rose de Saignee, very nice clean, not big, but sound.

2006  Feudt San Gregorio, Falanghina   Some similarity to Sauvignon Blanc, but fruiter, very bright, nice full finish.

N/V Tremonti, Albana Pastito–a light, sweet flavor, nice with the cheese

A fun evening with good food, nice wine, great service and the ever charming Piero. 





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