This was a pleasant surprise both in terms of cuisine, ambiance and the over-all hospitality of the place. We arrived and the doorman immediately handled the luggage issues. Escorted to the lobby, a concierge person poured us each a glass of wine and explained the numerous amenities of the property. What a nice beginning!

All of the mini bar items in the room from water, to more bottles of wine and snack bar items are free. The property also has a spa and the staff couldn’t be more cordial and accommodating.

We have known the Chef Cal Stamenov of Marinus for years; he was sous chef under Michel Richard at Citrus. He knew we were coming and had planned a menu for us. There was one preparation for John and one for me. Of course, we shared. Generally, I will let the photos tell the story. Over-all this was a delicous meal that was marked by excellent execution (particularly the fish), “sunshine” ingredients and enough creativity without being fussy.

Amuse #1 – Lobster, Brik Croutons, Avocado Juice


Amuse #2

Poached Beau Soleil Oysters, Potato-Horseradish Gnocchi, Oyster, Shallot, Sherry Veloute and on top a potato crisp topped with California Oscetra Caviar


Amuse #3

Fava Bean Vichyssoise and Black Truffles with a Grilled Cheese Brioche Sandwich with Black Truffle Slices – This reminded me of Rostang’s famous black truffle sandwich and was delicious.



First Course

Blue Fin Tuna Tartare and Foie Gras with yuzu emulsion (the dots) and Meyer lemon confit with truffles



Seared Monterey Bay Spot Prawn with Fresh Citrus, Cucumber, Tomato, Brioche Croutons and Chilled Cucumber/Avocado Soup poured on top.




Second Course-

Asparagus Ravioli, Parmesan Foam, Asparagus Tips, Cherry Tomato, Parma Proscuitto Breadsticks and Orange Zest



Seared Day Boat Scallop, Lobster/Prawn Stuffed Dumpling Topped with Truffles, Braised Leek, Black Truffle Beurre Blanc Sauce


Third Course

Olive Oil Poached Scottish Salmon with English Pea Risotto, Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, Carbonara Sauce (bacon, cream, butter), English Pea Puree, Baby Garlic



Loup de Mer, Saute of Monterey Bay Squid, Cippolini onions, Coco Beans, Green Garlic Puree with Oven-dried Tomatoes



Fourth Course

Soft Poached Duck Egg, Duck Proscuitto Cubes, Truffles, Creamy Spinach, Croutons



Foie Gras, Duck Breast, Arugula, Duck Gizzard, Duck Jus


Fifth Course

Rabbit Loin, Black trumpet Mushrooms, Tomato, Parsnip Puree and a Terrine of Rabbit Shoulder, Leek/Fava Beans, Whole Grain Mustard, Red Wine sauce



Japanese Kobe Beef, Black truffle Vinaigrette, Wine Cup Mushrooms, Roasted Beets


Sixth Course-

Cheese Course –

Tomme du Berger – cow’s milk, marcona almond

Bleu de Severac – sheep’s milk, quince jam

Correzon – goat’s milk, honeycomb



Seventh Course

Meyer Lemon Sorbet, Caramel sauce, Poached Meringue, Tonka Bean


Chocolate “Something”



Obviously, this was a superior meal – hopefully the photos tell the story.


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